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ESC GROUP INC., offers a wide range of services and trainings to suit your needs. Our staff is the most qualified, responsible and carefully selected in the industry.

Defensive and Tactical shooting with long and short weapons

Use and handling of the baton
Use and handling of “pepper spray”  


Anchor 1
Use and handling of Taser     
Arrest Techniques
Basic Executive Protection Training
Advanced Executive Protection Training 

Personal Defense Training
(Krav Magha)
Protection of Physical Instalations​
Security Risk Analysis​

Installation of CCTV, alarm and electronic surveillance    

Security for special events     

Installation of CCTV, alarm and electronic surveillance    

How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Crisis Management, Establishing Positive Media Relations & How to Handle Media 

Vehicle escort/ defensive driving for executives

Fugitive Investigation Training 


Unarmed/Armed Response To Active Shooter Incidents (UARASI)                                                       

Integrated Response To Active Shooter Event (IRASE)

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